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You shouldn't experience frequent disconnects with your connection through Cyber Lodge. Don't sit back and gripe about it. Get it fixed! Call Tim at Tech Support and don't put up with those pesky disconnects. To reach Tim, call 620-886-3882

Attica, Anthony, Harper and Medicine Lodge, KS

Technical Support

For technical support call 620-886-3882

For Billing and Account Status inquiries, call 620-886-5654

Please take a moment to read below:


PLEASE DIRECT YOUR SUPPORT CALLS TO TIM - To reach Tim  call 620-886-3882. You may reach a voice mail system. This system will page Tim and he will be able to receive your messages and return your call. Please leave him detailed information including a number where you can be reached in the daytime as well as in the evening, and a description of the problem you are experiencing. He will gladly return all tech support calls from Cyber Lodge customers.

PLEASE NOTE: Technical support is available only for connection and mail problems. We do not support any browser platform or provide technical operating assistance or training. Please refer to our website for help with software problems at http://www.cyberlodg.com/support2.html With our new equipment and server upgrades we will be not be supporting Windows 3.1 operating systems and browser/dialer/mail after November 1, 1998. For assistance with these problems, you will need to visit Microsoft's home page at http://www.microsoft.com. The operating systems will still work with our equipment, we will just be referring technical problems from our customers to other sources. We recommend for optimum Internet experience that you upgrade your PC to a Windows 95-98 or NT Operating System.

Our office hours are Tuesday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The office is closed every Monday for publishing The Gyp Hill Premiere newspaper. Please use the tech support number for assistance on Mondays.

This technical support page is designed to assist Cyber Lodge customers find solutions to internet connection problems. While the technical support provided at no cost by Cyber Lodge is limited to connection and set-up procedures, this website will contain links to exceptional resources to answer your other questions.

If these sources do not help you resolve your problems, please call 620-886 3882


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