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You shouldn't experience frequent disconnects with your connection through Cyber Lodge. Don't sit back and gripe about it. Get it fixed! Call Tim at Tech Support and don't put up with those pesky disconnects. To reach Tim, call 620-886-3882

Attica, Anthony, Harper and Medicine Lodge, KS

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[NEW] Search most of these engines from ONE page.

LinkStar New Rider's Yellow Pages Lycos
WebCrawler Alta Vista LinkMaster
Infoseek Nerd World Yahoo
Magellan Inktomi Tradewave Galaxy
Excite Nexor's AliWeb Harvest Broker
Net Navigator Net Happenings URL Tree
World Announce Archive WWWWorm CUI W3 Catalog
web://411 Pathfinder Tribal Voice
NetCenter REX NlightN
LEO Open Text Infohiway
W5 HotBot i-Explorer
infoseek Ultra Identify Intuitive Web Index
Jayde LinkMonster  

Multiple (meta) Engine Searches

MetaSearch Savvy Search Internet Sleuth
Prime Search SuperSeek Use It!
Pro-Fusion Mother Load Insane Search FrameSearch
Highway 61 Search.onramp.net Cyber411
i-Find MetaCrawler Mamma

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