Attention Cyber Lodge Customers!!


If you or anyone you know receives an email asking you to open an attachment,

telling you that your account has been misused, is being canceled, or any message that indicates that it's from

Cyber Lodge staff (or "The Cyber lodge Team")...... 


Delete the message immediately.


 Do not open it or it's attachment, as there is typically a virus attached.


"Cyber Lodge Internet Services, Inc. never has, and

never will contact you via email regarding

any issues involving adjustment, misuse or termination

of your email account, or services thru our company."


We have always believed, (and continue to do so), that personal

communication via phone or letter is the best and surest way

to contact customers IF there are issues that arise concerning

their accounts or services.


Please make certain that you have some form of antivirus protection

on your computer, and that it is updated to the most

recent virus detection pattern files.


If you have opened such a message, and aren't certain about your

computers health, contact your computer professional immediately for assistance.

If you don't have a regular computer servicer, contact Cyber Lodge at 800 208 1433,

 and we can recommend a local professional to assist you.


Be Aware.....Be Cautious....Be Safe


If your not expecting it, and aren't sure what it is,

contact the sender and get confirmation that

they sent it before opening it.


Thank You for your time!


Tim, Kevin, Lee, Ronda and Doris


"The Real Cyber Lodge Team!"


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